Donate your Old Car

Please follow the steps outlined below to donate a vehicle. Udavum Karangal has currently contracted this process through Car Programs LLC.

1. Fill out the Car Donation Form with as much detail as possible. (Click here to download the car donation form)

2. Fax the completed document to one of these numbers 916-631-1307/1328/4336. Numbers are also listed in the forms.

3. Donor should expect to hear from Car Programs LLC, on when the vehicle can be picked up or dropped off within 3 or 4 business days.
PS: If the vehicle is in a driveable condition, and the donor is willing to dropoff please advise Car Programs Representative and have them identify the closest vehicle drop off location. There will be a saving of a towing charge (Avg cost ~$85) which would normally be deducted from the proceeds given to UK.

4. Either during the vehicle drop off or the pick up of the vehicle, the donor will have to surrender the Vehicle Title Paper, note the mileage and fill in the relevant details, sign and hand over the title document to the individual at the counter or the tow-truck driver.

5. In return, a document of vehicle receipt (which was filled out earlier) would be given to the donor which would serve as a legal document for the vehicle donation.

Car Programs will sell the vehicle at an auction or directly to a salvage yard.

The bluebook value of your car can be deducated from your taxes. U.S. TAX ID# 52-2165378


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