Donate Endowments

We at Udavum Karangal have believed in a continuous participation by our well wishers and have introduced various endowment schemes which will ensure a concrete base and a secured future for our residents. Here the sums donated are invested in Fixed deposit/Corpus programs, where the principal is not disturbed, which ensures the concrete base. The interest amounts from these investments are utilized for the recurring expenses.

All your donations are tax deductible. U.S. TAX ID# 52-2165378

Educational Endowments
School development (Furniture, lab equipment, library books etc.) Rs. 10,000.00 US$ 250.00
Sponsoring teacher's salary Rs. 15,000.00 US$ 375.00
Sponsoring a child's education up to +2 level (12th grade) Rs. 50,000.00 US$ 1,000.00


Feeding Endowments
A bag of rice Rs. 12,500.00 US$ 300.00
Breakfast for a unit of 200 persons Rs. 10,000.00 US$ 250.00
Lunch for a unit of 200 persons Rs. 20,000.00 US$ 500.00


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UDAVUM KARANGAL is a registered non-governmental non-religious and non-profit social service organization