Donate - Education, Food, Clothes, Health

You can donate to Udavum Karangal in a couple of ways:

All your donations are tax deductible. U.S. TAX ID# 52-2165378

Gift of Education
A pair of shoes and a school bag US$ 10.00
A set of uniform US$ 8.00
Complete set of books for a child US$ 15.00
Sponsor a teacher's salary per month US$ 75.00
Sponsoring education for a child per annum US$ 125.00
Total expenses for a child per annum US$ 250.00
Sponsor a computer for our computer centre US$500.00
Sponsor a classroom construction
(A plaque with sponsor name will be displayed at the entrance of the classroom)


Gift of food
Baby food for an infant/month US$ 18.00
Breakfast for a unit of 100 children US$ 25.00
Lunch for a unit of 100 children US$ 40.00
Sponsor a bag of rice US$ 25.00
Sponsor Vegetables & groceries/day US$ 100.00


Gift of Health
Medicines for an infant/annum US$ 12.00
Chemotherapy for a cancer patient US$ 40.00
Sponsor a cataract surgery US$ 50.00
Sponsor a Mentally retarded/spastic child per annum US$ 60.00
Medicines for a psychiatric patient/annum US$ 100.00
Crutches & calipers for Handicapped US$ 125.00
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UDAVUM KARANGAL is a registered non-governmental non-religious and non-profit social service organization