As we look back, after more than two decades, not without some pain but certainly with more pleasure, we at Udavum Karangal experience an enormous sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. The pain of not having new clothes for children on a festive day, when there were no means for food itself, and the pleasure of receiving Rs.2000 to buy them from a girl, who had a vow to give her first salary for charity. The pain of empty handedness when a sick child was hospitalized and her life depended on a costly medicine worth Rs.1500, and the pleasure of receiving it from a college student who found it in an unclaimed money purse.

Life is a constant and continuing struggle; to survive... to exist... and to grow... To survive we need food, clothing, shelter, education and medical aid.

The children & other residents of Udavum Karangal depend on your support and help .

Your donation (big or small) will make a difference today.

Please mail contributions to:
    Udavum Karangal of USA,
     23 Crosby Drive,
     Bedford, MA 01730.

Udavum Karangal of USA is a registered non-profit organization. All your contributions are tax deductible. U.S. TAX ID# 52-2165378

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UDAVUM KARANGAL is a registered non-governmental non-religious and non-profit social service organization