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There are several ways in which you can get involved with Udavum Karangal. While donating money is the obvious way, you can also get involved by donating your time and volunteering for the local Bay Area Udavum Karangal chapter.

Udavum Karangal Bay Area Chapter has enthusiastic and devoted volunteers who have helped organize several fund raisers in the past.

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Check out what some of our volunteers from UK-SFBA had to say about why they volunteer for this organization.

Anitha: I will have to admit my motives, when I first volunteered for UKSF, were purely selfish! As someone new to the bay area I was looking for avenues to meet people- so when someone mentioned they needed a person for a fashion show – I eagerly agreed.

On my first day of 'rehearsal' I was surprised to find, behind closed doors on the quiet streets of Saratoga, different groups of people – singing , dancing and walking to different Indian songs. Although, I didn't know anyone there I found the group to be very friendly and welcoming – in fact, so much so that I volunteered to be in another walk.

Sparing the details of a very fun filled enjoyable journey – I will tell you that being a volunteer for Udavum Karangal SF is above everything- FUN! But let it not be said that Udavum Karangal SF never fails to forgot or remind its volunteers, that the motivation for the fun is to help a very serious cause. Through its various events and volunteers, UKSF has assisted with the sponsorship of numerous children and projects – including the purchase of a vehicle, computers and medical equipment. Being able to be a part of an organization that helps those in need in a way that is enjoyable – made me sign up year 2!!

For those of you thinking about volunteering for a charity, wanting to meet new people or even if you just simply want to be part of a fantastic stage production – UKSF is a great place to meet fun people, be creative, and last, but not least, help those who most definitely need your help.

I'm very glad I got 'roped' in 2 years ago - UKSF has helped me meet a lot of wonderful people and allowed me to contribute to a great cause!

Mary: Volunteer of Udavum Karangal SF Bay Area for 5+ years.

Well, I had the urge to do something back for my home country but never explored an opportunity to do anything about it. My journey as a volunteer began when I met one of the Udavum Karangal SF Bay Area volunteer at a social event.

The volunteers are wonderful people to work with, it is the only organization (from what I remember) where the operational cost is almost nothing. One hundred % of funds raised at bay area reach Chennai for various projects. I met Vidyaakar- founder of Udavum Karangal twice when he visited bay area. Many of our volunteers bring pictures/videos from Udavum Karangal Chennai whenever they visit. I am amazed by the quality of service Udavum Karangal offers to people in need.

Oh, I got to mention about Galaata - our annual fund raiser for Udavum Karangal SF Bay Area. I keep hearing this from so many people also, ‘It is soooooo much FUN to work for Galaata’. Good to work with people with so much energy, great ideas, leadership skills but most importantly I feel very satisfied to contribute for a great cause.

Volunteering for Udavum Karangal is so much fun, I don’t even realize that I take additional effort in contributing; it is part of my life now :-)

A volunteer who recently visited the Udavum Karangal premises in India: I had been to UK about 10 days ago. I also got to talk to Vidyaakar for about 45mins. He was extremely personable and humble. He said he spent most of his time with the children (on the "field") and lesser of it on the administration (which he claimed he was not good at). I also got to visit the UK school/orphanage and spent time with one of the kids for about an hour. The campus is beautiful and well maintained. All the kids are so polite and well-mannered. The child I met was just about 8 years old, but the values instilled in him by the people at UK were remarkable. He was running about with the chocolate boxes I had taken for him, wanting to share with all his friends and other younger kids. He said it being the new year they had been to the temple, but on Sunday they would go to the church- so they are being brought up with respect for all faiths. Overall, UK and Vidyaakar sir are trying to provide a nice environment for these children to grow up in.

So come join your hands with Udavum Karangal to make a difference. If you would like to join us send email to

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